Trimazyme / Bone, Muscle & Nerve Support

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Trimazyme contains some of the highest concentrations of anti-inflammatory, proteolytic enzymes along with calcium, magnesium and boron enhancing muscle and nerve function. Trimazyme also contains malic acid (for its detoxing effect), Trimethylglycene for nerve function, and adaptogens to help the body recover more efficiently from stress. From its beginnings, we have had reports from clients all over the world testifying to how much Trimazyme has helped them with conditions ranging from arthritis, pain and carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic fatigue.

Malic acid is essential in energy production and is especially helpful with the fatigue associated with the stress induced by chronic pain and fatigue. Perhaps more important, malic acid is a superior supplement that enhances detoxification of aluminum from the body. When combined with magnesium, malic acid enhances ATP, the amino acid that enhances energy in the body.

Pancreatin is an enzyme to help support the pancreas as it helps to detoxify the body during the initial phases of nutritional intervention. Pancreatin breaks down proteins and is useful as a digestive aid and may help increase the absorption of fats.

Trimethylglycene (TMG) (also called betaine), is a substance manufactured by the body. It's been known to break down another naturally occurring substance called homocysteine, "methylating" homocysteine, removing it from circulation.

Bromelain is another important enzyme effective in breaking down proteins, aids absorption of nutrients, fights inflammation, inhibits fibrin synthesis, and is helpful with numerous inflammatory conditions. Clinically, bromelain has been shown to enhance probiotic use.

Papain is a supplementary enzyme used by the body to break down proteins and has long been used in cases of diarrhea and celiac disease. It has been used for intestinal discomfort due to parasites such as nematodes and has shown useful with allergies, infections and inflammation.

Trypsin is an important enzyme that helps the body reduce inflammation, and reduces circulatory problems. It’s known to aid in healing and reduces post operative swelling.

Chymotrypsin is another enzyme that helps reduce inflammation and is especially important in the aid of soft tissue injuries, contusions, and edema.

Together, these ingredients combine for an intensive antioxidant effect. They affect the immune-system in a positive manner and help the systemic response of the body to a wide variety of conditions.


90 Capsules Per Small Bottle
300 Capsules Per Large Bottle
Suggested Use: 5 Capsules once daily. For Intensive use take 5-10 capsules 3 times daily, or as recommended by your healthcare professional


Calcium (Amino Acid Chelate) (300mg), Magnesium (Amino Acid Chelate) (150mg), Boron (.06mg), Proprietary Blend (1780mg): Lecithin, Malic Acid, Pancreatin, Trimethylglycene, Bromelain, Papain, Trypsin, Rye Grass Extract, Chymotrypsin

Customer Feedback 

Brian | Trimazyme

"I started using Trimazyme months ago to assist with sleeping and helping with some general muscle pain and an occasional headache. I cannot take other OTC pain relievers so I searched for some time to find a really good natural one and my searching is done. My wife took some just to see if it would help with certain re occurring aches and pains and said WoW!. Anyone with aches and pains would highly recommend."