What our customers are saying!





Leslie, Local Customer (2019)


"It seems to be balancing my my systems and I am definitely feeling more energized"

Clark,  Amazon Customer (2018)


"Arrived quickly and well packaged. I've been using this for about the last two weeks and I think I've had a huge lift. My practitioner suggested I try this, and I, for one, am sold on this for leveling my mood swings, and keeping me generally happy without nearly as much anxiety. Thanks!!"

- Elizabeth, Amazon Customer (2018)


"I have been using the product for a couple of months now and it has worked well for me! I no longer have the constant aches and pains that I use to."

Greg, Amazon Customer (2018)


"This is a great product. I have an intestinal Candida overgrowth (verified) and this product really does work at balancing the gut flora and improving intestinal health. SeraVita has great products and the shipping was fast."

- Susana, Amazon Customer (2014)


"Delivered on time - love this stuff - really helps maintain a level balance of mood - I'd recommend to nearly every man or woman I know if they were feeling down or stressed much of the time. It's gentle and effective."

- Kendra, Local Customer (2013)


"Can't go without them! The Aptinol has made a dramatic improvement with my facial complexion! It has been about 2 weeks and WOW, what a difference."

- Adrian, Local Customer (2011)